Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hawaiian Coleslaw

I haven't been inspired to cook much other than our usual favorites. I have tried a few new things, but nothing to write home about, or...write to you about.

Until this....

Hawaiian Coleslaw.

We had a potluck at work for "Hawaiian Day" and I made this. I must say, it was delish.

You definitely want to make this a day ahead and let the flavors meld. In fact, there was a tiny bit left over so I brought it home. I made some pulled pork for dinner the following night, and topped my sandwich with this.


Honestly, I thought this was even better at that time. In the recipe I put up for you, there is an option to add extra pineapple. I really think this would be really, really good with more. 

Up to you. 

Either way, take a trip to the islands and make this yourself.


  1. That looks good, and I don't usually like mayonnaise coleslaw dressing!

  2. The original recipe I found was just straight mayo but the sugar and cider vinegar give it a really nice flavor and the pineapple balances it out just right. Very creamy too. Try it on some pulled's so darned good! Let me know when you make it. I'd love to hear some feedback!

  3. ok, had to print that one - stopped by to grab your link to your dresser redo, and saw this - we've been addicted, this summer, to the chinese noodle salad (my daughter and I) - time to try a new one!

  4. Glad you're enjoying my recipes! I love to share good food with my readers! Adding another yummy dish shortly.......