Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Furniture Refinishing

The Hubster and I recently became "empty nesters". So, we decided we would redo the spare bedroom and move it to one of the kids' bedrooms since it was bigger. That bedroom had boring light tan walls, super light carpet, and some old furniture that was the Hubster's from when he was a kid. Check this out:

I know! Classy, right?


In this case though, it's like the saying, "They don't make 'em like they used to". The furniture is really solid, in pretty darned good shape, and the pieces fit what I needed them for. The only thing is that I need to buy a headboard because this had a twin that we got rid of years ago.

Here is a good shot of the dresser. We had to take off the old hardware to paint, and since we didn't like what was on there, we decided to get new hardware for the drawers. 

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can't find hardware to fit the holes that are drilled on these pieces, 
unless you want to pay about $15 for each drawer. Not happenin' in my world.

So, we went to Lowe's and picked out some pretty handles (less than $3 each), put some wood filler in the current holes, and then drilled new holes for the handles we bought. We did have to sand and prep that area, but other than that, the paint we used needs no sanding and oddly enough....no priming either. 

What could be easier?

Here is that same dresser after painting and applying a glaze. Gorgeous! I can't believe it's the same furniture and I have been in that room countless time to admire my handiwork. I'm that impressed!

This is a "pebble" color paint topped with a "molasses" glaze.

I went to a place called Fabulous Finishes in Shelby Township, MI. The store has so many beautiful pieces of furniture to give you some ideas, there are tons of cabinet doors and wainscoting pieces with color combinations, and the owner (Patty) and her crew are so incredibly helpful.

This is the nightstand before....

....and after.

Here is a close up so you can see the glazing a bit better...

.....and another.

This is so you can get a look at the base paint and the pebble color and see the difference after the glazing.

We painted the room a pale aqua color and got a new comforter set with chocolate brown and a paisley print. I took the pillow sham with me to the store and that helped me pick out the paint to use. Patty and her crew helped me pick out what went the best and gave me great advice.

Fabulous Finishes is in Shelby Township, in the shopping plaza on the northeast corner of Van Dyke and 23 Mile Road. Don't worry though, if you're not in the area, you can check out Patty's Blog and get some ideas. Fabulous Finishes will ship the paints to you, give you detailed instructions, and you can even order sample colors if you aren't sure what color you want. Need help? Just ask. They're beyond helpful.

I'm so impressed with how my furniture turned out that I stopped at the shop today and bought some paint and glaze to redo my main bathroom upstairs. The cabinets in there are looking pretty tired and I figure it's  time to spruce them up a bit. I can hardly wait to start that project now!

Check out Fabulous Finishes on Facebook:

Check out Patty's blog for lots of ideas and how to order the paints:


  1. Love your transformation! Shared your link and pictures so others can see :)

  2. Patty....I still keep going in that room to look at the furniture. I absolutely LOVE it! I did redo my bathroom cabinet, I owe you some pics. I'll be in sometime this week or next because I have another project in mind, and my son and his girlfriend want me to refinish a desk of theirs. :-)